Like Mother Like Daughter. X


Tatty Gem's Eco Fashion and Textile art.

Sometimes you’re just banging stuff out for the markets, but sometimes you start a project, forget yourself and go with it.  This Linen dress made from 2 shirts is one of them, and I have to say it really is heavenly.  When working with recycled clothing you are completely constrained by the materials and it really is a challenge to utilise those strange shapes and features, but sometimes it just all fits like a magic jigsaw.  From initial design ideas till now,  I’ve already spent about 15 hours on this and it will take many more but this is the kind of project that makes me fizz and every second is worth it.

Tatty Gem's Eco Fashion and Textile art

Tiger-mai with her Mp3 Player case.

What’s also been really nice today is that my 9yr old daughter has had her little sewing machine out and made herself a really sweet little Mp3 player case, complete with properly finished seams and edges and an expertly hand sewn little press stud.

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    • Thanks Jude. X Lovely to hear from you. I’d quite like to spend an evening in the kitchen with you and Mum sometime. X

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