Based in Bristol and established by myself, Gemstar Burgoyne, Tatty Gem’s has been a life journey of the creative fizz I feel when working with textiles and the awe I have for our planet.

All my creations are made using recycled and reclaimed materials, this includes notions such as zips and buttons. The threads I use are Oeco-Tex certified and all creations are made in my lovely studio at the Coexist studios in Hamilton House, Stokes Croft.  An amazing project powered partly by renewable energy and wholly by and for our community. Click the link for more info on Coexist.

In my upcycled creations I use mostly clothing rejected by charity shops and donated damaged clothing.  Each raw material is scrutinised, planned and utilised to create as little waste as possible. Off-cuts are used in other creations and when eventually my scraps can get no smaller, they are used for stuffing or industrially recycled.

ALSO……’Gem Bee Kids’ by Tatty Gem’s.      A small, random and ever evolving collection of clothing for kids from 1yr – 7yrs.

I also take on alterations, repairs and commissions as well as Costume work in Theatre, TV and film.  For further enquiries please use the Contact page.