Coexist posterFINbSMLAt the Coexist Studios where I am based, I manage a project called ‘Coexist In-House’.  This is a platform for myself and other studio tenants to promote and sell their work.  This will be our second Pop-up Shop and it’s going to be a belter!  With so many creative bod’s around, our window display and general approach to a ‘shop’ set-up will get you all fizzy and festive, not to mention the amazing creations spilling out of our studio doors.


Loving my latest……

This ‘Super Trimmed’ short boiled wool jacket will be MINE if it’s not sold by the end of  April.  Meanwhile I’m going to have to put you all off by not telling you how cosy it is.

If you want to try it though…..It’s in the Pop-Up shop until April 21st. (see ‘SHOP REAL LIFE” for more details.)

Pop-Up Shop….Bristol Cabot Circus opposite Harvey Nichols!!!!!

Got lots of new creations and another Pop-up shop in Bristol’s Cabot Circus.

6 Philadelphia Street, BS1 3BZ Bristol.

We will be open for 4 weeks until 21st April.    Opening hours  Mon – Sat 10am – 7pm and Sun 11am – 5pm.


* All stock will be in the shop and the Etsy shop on hold for the duration of the Pop-up shop………..Did I say ‘Shop’ enough times?  One more time for luck.  SHOP!



Proper Lovely.

Oooooo.  Look what was made for me for Xmas!

Upcycled Scaffolding Clothes Rail by Marc Davies.  Custom order for Tatty Gem's.

Upcycled Scaffolding Clothes Rail by Marc Davies. Custom order for Tatty Gem’s.













My partner is very clever!

Of course, his gift from me was a fabric and stitch based one.

Last months Fashion Show.

So, many of you may know that I’ve been very busy settling into my new studio down here at Coexist on Stokes Croft.  It’s all been incredibly exciting with inspiration,opportunities and lovely people everywhere.

Last month I helped put on a Fashion Show here and below are a couple of pictures of one of my signature Recycled Cashmere ‘Upside Jumpers’ and a couple of pictures of my favourite show piece created using an array of amazing offcuts.  I put on 2 runs with 10 outfits altogether  so am hoping to get more photographs up here soon.  X

Market Day. Saturday 14th, 11am – 6pm @ Coexist.

Hi y’all,

Just thought I’d share this little article from Coexist about the Stokes Croft Market this coming weekend.

I will be in Hamilton House, home of The Canteen and Coexist, please pop by and support local independent makers and traders.  It is this continuing support that really makes a difference and is laying the foundations to a better and stronger community for all.


Here I go on my rant…………………..

….How amazing would it be to have a huge regular local market in our community?  One where you can get to know the people and know where your purchases are coming from, know that someone created it with passion, know that every penny you spend is giving back to your community.  We are already lucky enough to have one of the longest stretches of independent retailers in the country which supports our local economy and is respected all over the world.  Unfortunately this is changing rapidly.  Over the last 10 years I personally have seen no less than an extra 6 supermarket ‘express’ style stores open on a stretch of only a few miles on Gloucester Rd/Stokes Croft, this adding to the 2 previous stores.  Now I hear of another opening in the middle of them all and plans for a huge mega supermarket just off the main road.  Undoubtedly this will hit hard on our local traders who are already struggling due to recession, but this is of no importance to the big corporates……that and the fact that we simply don’t need another supermarket when 8 already, only minutes apart.

Supermarkets are able to offer cheap prices on the necessities, often subsidised by other products which is understandably appealing in times of austerity.  But when you look deeper at the unethical conduct within industry and the multinationals that own them, the only voice we can have is spending power.  Simply choosing to make that choice in your own life does make a difference.

All over the country High Streets are dying.  This has been recently highlighted by the governments regenerative Portas Pilot scheme, due to be launched in a huge media frenzy very soon.  The aim is to revive high streets and bring back local independent retailers in order to create community again and support the local economy.  But seriously, we have this already here on Stokes Croft and Gloucester rd!  We are so amazingly lucky.  We should be held up as a prime example and measures should be taken by the council and government to preserve this and rather than waiting until it’s too late, throwing  money at revival schemes and propaganda TV shows.   It is vital that we go on supporting our local traders and be conscious about our purchases.  This is not times of doom and gloom, sit back and take it, this is times of opportunity for our community and I know we are all creating something amazing for ourselves and many generations to come.

…….in the mean-time, a certain unwanted supermarket down on Stokes Croft can continue to subsidise their shop and maybe eventually see that although our community is not wealthy enough to fight them in court we are strong enough to win. 



Here is a link to an online petition opposing the new mega supermarket.


Got a message on Tuesday from a friend who works for BBC Radio Gloucestershire.  I gave her a call at the station and she told me about a feature they’re doing on Friday all about recycling clothing such as swishing’and swopping.  They also want to know more about Upcycling and so they are going to do a radio interview with me on Friday 22nd around 10:50.

Tune in!  104.7FM / 1413AM  or Digitally Online.  X

I’ll save my Vivienne Westwood and dying squirrel encounter for another post……but check back soon as it was quite a day!

Like Mother Like Daughter. X


Tatty Gem's Eco Fashion and Textile art.

Sometimes you’re just banging stuff out for the markets, but sometimes you start a project, forget yourself and go with it.  This Linen dress made from 2 shirts is one of them, and I have to say it really is heavenly.  When working with recycled clothing you are completely constrained by the materials and it really is a challenge to utilise those strange shapes and features, but sometimes it just all fits like a magic jigsaw.  From initial design ideas till now,  I’ve already spent about 15 hours on this and it will take many more but this is the kind of project that makes me fizz and every second is worth it.

Tatty Gem's Eco Fashion and Textile art

Tiger-mai with her Mp3 Player case.

What’s also been really nice today is that my 9yr old daughter has had her little sewing machine out and made herself a really sweet little Mp3 player case, complete with properly finished seams and edges and an expertly hand sewn little press stud.